COVID-19 UPDATE: We ship exclusively via USPS Priority Mail which typically takes 2-3 days to arrive, but we’re noticing unusual delays in the postal service due to the pandemic. We’ve started to see some estimated delivery times ranging from 2-5 days and have also noticed that a few packages seem to be re-routed during transit. This is likely due to increased demand because of stay-at-home orders, lockdowns in various parts of the country, and temporary facility closures in different areas. Most packages are still arriving on time, but we can't be certain of delivery dates anymore. Once the USPS accepts our packages, they are quite literally out of our hands, but you can keep an eye on your packages through the tracking number we provide and can contact your local US Post Office for regional insight. Stay safe and healthy!!


We are a custom design studio creating each piece of personalized jewelry especially for you, our wonderful customer. The lead time will vary depending upon how busy we are, but we have a pretty good system and usually get your custom order on its way to you within a business day.

All our jewelry is shipped via USPS Priority Mail service for one flat fee of $5.95.  This is actually less than we pay for postage, but we've found this to be the most reliable way to get your shipments to you quickly, so it's worth it to us to cover a little extra cost!  Insurance and tracking are included, and we will send you the tracking number so you can follow your shipment while it is in transit. There are no further shipping costs for additional items purchased on the same order.

USPS Priority Mail takes 2-3 delivery days to arrive depending upon your location, barring any unusual postal delays. We do not offer expedited or international delivery services at this time. However, if you have an important deadline, please send us a quick e-mail here and we will do our very best to make the next mail pickup!