Ornata Jewelry Is Launched!

Ornata Jewelry Personalized Sterling Silver Necklaces

We have officially launched the Ornata Jewelry retail site and couldn’t be happier! 

Ornata is a customized jewelry collection that allows the wearer to express her values, joys, inspirations, passions, and memories. Although we’ve been creating jewelry for years, it’s always been exclusively wholesale to gift stores, boutiques, and higher-end chain stores. Making the transition from business-to-business to direct-to-consumer can be challenging. It’s a totally different model, and we’re so Type-A about customer satisfaction that we thought it might be overwhelming to service many individual customers instead of a much smaller number of wholesale accounts. But it hasn't been overwhelming at all - our customers are great!

But, we hoped to connect with our customers on a more personal level and we REALLY wanted to offer personalized packaging for some of our lines. We had a vision for the Sterling Connections line, which features customizable sterling silver necklaces with personalized packaging that contains both a message and the names of the people who make the necklace special. And, retail definitely seemed the way to go...

Now that we’ve made the plunge, we never want to go back! It’s such an honor for us to make pieces that we know are being purchased by customers to give to the women they love. It's unbelievably heartwarming. 

Taking the risk was sooooo worth it— Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!!!

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